The future usage of drones in industry

In the future, we surely aren’t talking about the drones of today, but bigger and faster drones that will be on par with the speed of a bird. Bold words, but one needs to understand and realise that in the future, there are truly no limits as to what drones will be upto, especially in the realm of photography. Not to mention the fact that enough people have already stated that they will be a big part of the future already.

No doubt drones have made life easier for most of us, whether you happen to be pursuing aerial photography in London or anywhere else in the future. If you want aerial shots, all you need to do is prop a camera on a drone and you’re all set without having the excessively rely on an external film crew or wasting your hard-earned money on any sort of additional resources for that matter.


However, hardly anyone out there seems to realise the basic fact that flying a drone is anything but easy and getting good shots while it’s in the air is even more difficult as well. Even on a general basis, photography and movement have never known to go well together as only the most experienced and hardened of professionals have been known to pull it off with success. Additionally there are certain drone laws to be kept in mind as well. However, as far as the possibilities are concerned, figuratively speaking the sky is pretty much the limit.

So on that particular note, let us take a good look at some of the varying possibilities of the usage of drones in the future:

  • Weddings: This has already become one of the latest trends of the wedding industry out there. However in the future, instead of having a singular drone up there while the rest of the crew takes pictures, surely it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that multiple drones take over all the duties, thus making wedding photography loose the human touch. Well, not really as surely photography drones will be controlled by people themselves. To take it a step further, there can even be a thorough documentation of the whole wedding itself.
  • Real estate: Now drone photography is slowly changing the very way real estate is being marketed out there. Drones can zoom in on the tiniest details as well as show the entire immediate vicinity and the surrounding areas as well as give an overview of the entire district or locality at hand.
  • Journalism: Now this is referring to the important point that journalists can go where a lot of reporters can’t, i.e. a full blown war zone. In fact, not just referring to a conflict zone, but drones can even go into areas of natural disasters and even accidents for that matter.
  • Sports: Yet another innovative use of a drone as it will be able to capture some of the greatest and most inspiring moments of the opt athletes as well as give an overall picture of the entire game from start to finish. In any case as most of us would already be familiar with the fact that most football games are in any case televised using cameras held by wires from different positions. However, if they were to be replaced by drones, anyone, even sports journalists could get a proper slice of the action from literally any position, both horizontal and vertical to boot.
  • Conservation of wildlife: The process of using drones to keep a check on poaching is already underway in Africa where many species are under the threat of extinction. Flown day and night, the moment any poacher activity is spotted, the rangers are automatically moved in.