Financial advice every business owner needs to hear

Worrying over your financial situation can take up a lot of mental energy — so much so that you can’t concentrate on your business.

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you know you’re supposed to put on your oxygen mask first before helping your family. That’s because you won’t be much good to others if you run out of oxygen. The same lesson applies to your financial situation, you can’t focus on your business if you’re struggling about making ends meet.

business owner financial advice

To help you excel at work, here are some tips to help strengthen your personal finances at home.

Be prepared for emergencies

Nothing can throw you off course like a surprise bill. Unfortunately, most people will encounter at least a few of these in their lifetime. Unexpected health issues, vet trips, car breakdowns, and household repairs can crop up.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a considerable cash cushion to help you cover these unexpected costs. But you need to know how you’ll handle them even if you’re low on cash when they arrive.

If you need to borrow money to cover your next unexpected emergency, remember to compare your options online. There are a lot of instalment loans available, and each one comes with different rates and terms affecting how affordable they might be.

The online loan experts at MoneyKey have a breakdown of the most common instalment loan. This comparison at makes it easy to understand how instalment loans work, and which ones would best suit your circumstances.

Update your budget often

A budget is a document that collects dust for a lot of people. They make it an emergency and then forget about it once things level out again, falling into this cycle every time an emergency rocks their finances.

Your budget is more effective when you’re checking in with it as regularly as once a month. This monthly habit shows how your real-life spending compares to your plan, giving you a chance to catch problems before they spiral out of control.

You might have to cut down your expenses, limiting how much money you allot for the fun stuff.

Or, if you have no fun stuff to cut out, you might have to address other imbalances in your budget, like if your housing costs take up most of your monthly income. Moving to a more affordable unit might take the pressure off your budget.

Sometimes, a super strict budget isn’t always the best use of your money. Check out these budgeting methods to find the best fit for your finances.

Automate your savings

Savings should be as much of a priority as paying rent, no matter what your budget looks like. You should split these savings across several accounts:

  • Emergency fund to replace borrowing instalment loans online
  • Retirement fund to ensure you can quit in comfort one day
  • Healthcare savings to cover any expected medical expenses
  • Big purchases, like travelling, a new car, or continuing education credits

If you’re finding it hard to make contributions to these accounts, try automating them. You can set it up so that a portion of your paycheck goes directly into savings before it gets a chance to sit in your checking account, where you’re liable to spend it.

The takeaway: Focus on your personal finances first

Money troubles at home can make it hard to focus on doing what’s best for your business, so if you want your venture to succeed, give your personal finances some TLC. The simple financial tips shared above can help you smooth over issues at home, so you’re available to give your entire focus to your business.